The Power of Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites are experiencing a rapid growth; there seems to be no limit to their size. Many Social Networking Sites boast with millions of members using their networks on regular basis to communicate, share, create, and collaborate with others. Popular examples of these Social Networking Sites are Facebook, LinkedIn and Bebo. Although most of these sites lack decent business models, they are valued at millions of pounds. Google paid 1.5 billion dollar for YouTube when it wasn’t even earning a single penny.

The reason successful Social Networking Sites have become so valuable is due to the amount of people that are using it; and people are exactly what organisations are after. This report aims to find out whether Social Networking Sites have the same value in the context of recruitment. Academic literature extensively discusses online recruitment, however not much is said about recruitment on Social Networking Sites: ‘Sociocruitment’*.

Research revealed that professionals are quite optimistic about Sociocruitment. Although users of Social Networking Sites had a disperse opinion on organisations contacting them on these websites; not many were negative.

The research furthermore harvested information from a range of sources to create understanding of key issues allowing readers to familiarise themselves with the concept. Finally the report makes suggestions on how organisations can engage in this new media.

*Sociocruitment: This term was invented by the author to describe a recruitment process that takes place on a social networking site. The author found this to be appropriate as existing literature does not state one in particular.


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The Power of Social Networking Sites by Adeel Qurashi is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


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